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Shared by Andrew • May 23, 2024

Guest Portal

Our new guest portal is live for all Direct reservations! The initial version is an online itinerary manager for guests, making sure they can find your property, see the house rules, contact you, and cancel, if needed. Video and details here. We're super excited about the guest portal and look forward to adding lots of new features in the future.

Guest vetting on custom quotes

Custom quotes for Direct Premium hosts will no longer require returning guests, who have already gone through Autohost once, to re-verify. You'll see a new Guest verification field on the custom quote screen that will let you know if we have a previous verification on file for the guest. More about custom quotes.

Property search improvements

Although the Direct property search widget supports a maximum length of stay of 90 days, it was possible to select more than 90 days. We now make that limitation clear to the guest when selecting dates.

For any host who has a property with a maximum guest count of one, we now set the default guest count in the property search widget to one instead of two.

Tax updates (Premium)

We implemented the New York "bungalow exemption" so that state and county sales tax are no longer collected on transactions.

Ohio state sales tax is no longer collected on transactions.

Other fixes and improvements

There was an issue with the request money feature for Direct Premium hosts in Australia. This has been fixed.

We added an email spellchecker and other checks to prevent a typo from blocking us from communicating with guests.