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🔓Devices Dashboard is now in Public Beta!

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Shared by Alyssa • March 07, 2024

If you have beta features enabled you can now manage your smart locks in our new fully integrated Devices Dashboard! This dashboard is not for third-party integrations, like RemoteLock.

We will release the dashboard to all users after beta testing is complete.


  • View all reservation access codes on your connected smart locks, as well as any codes created in Hospitable, and their statuses.
  • See if and when a code was first used.
  • View the connection and battery status of your devices.
  • Create codes to allow anyone time-bound or continuous access.
  • Edit / Delete codes (except for backup codes)
  • Lock / Unlock your devices

Upcoming Features

  • A unified Setup page
  • Notifications and type preferences for: low battery, code first used, device errors/warnings, action required issues
  • Log of events/actions

Check out our Devices Dashboard Walkthrough

Please share any feedback or issues with our support team!