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Automatically share property-specific rental agreement and guidebook links to your guests ✨

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Shared by Emily • December 21, 2023

Short codes are used to dynamically pull information from outside sources into your messaging rules. Most of the time, short code data is pulled from the booking platform. We're re-imagining how hosts leverage short codes, starting with 2 new short codes: %guidebook% and %rental_agreement%.

These short codes are property-specific, and populated by you - our hosts - giving you the flexibility to send any type of guidebook or rental agreement URL automatically through messaging rules.

Check out these help articles for step by step instructions, and save future you from constantly copy/pasting guidebook or rental agreement links 😮‍💨

We're definitely not stopping here. Soon, we'll be giving integration partners access to these short codes so they can be dynamically populated by integrations for each reservation, offering more granularity and an even better guest (and host!) experience. Stay tuned 👀