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The new and improved Public API is here! Personal access tokens, OAuth and more 🎉

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Shared by Emily • December 08, 2023

We've just released the next iteration of our Public API (v2), built with developer experience at the forefront, all in an effort to gift you - our hosts - your time back.

To access your account programmatically through our Public API, you can safely and securely generate an Access token on the new API access page. This token will grant you read and write access to your account via API, depending on the access you select.

  • View properties, property images and calendar data (including pricing and availability).
  • View reservations, including guest information and a detailed financial breakdown from both your perspective and your guests.
  • Update your property calendar, including making changes to pricing and availability.

In addition, vendors can now safely and securely access mutual customer accounts via OAuth, greatly simplifying the connection process and removing the need for hosts to manually share legacy client ids and secrets with vendors 🎉

Check out our developer documentation, and learn more about how to access the API with your personal access token.

Stay tuned for more powerful API functionality coming soon, like the ability to enrich reservation data, and improved reservation webhooks 👀