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Self-hosted Direct sites and more

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Shared by Andrew • December 07, 2023

Self-hosted Direct sites

Direct hosts who host their own sites can now link their site to Google Vacation Rentals, add a property search widget to their site, and apply custom color schemes to their widgets and booking flow. To enable these features, you'll need to add widgets to your site and tell Hospitable the URL for each of your property pages, which also allows us to help monitor your site health. Full instructions here.

Autohost ID verification

We now show watermarked ID verification images and the guest selfie in the Inbox for Direct Premium reservations. Some hosts need to collect IDs, and it didn't make sense to ask the guest to share them a second time.

Ad hoc charges

There is a new tax subject for Direct Basic hosts, Miscellaneous fees, which we will calculate when you collect additional payments from guests. More info: Send or request money

Auto-fill returning guest info

When creating a manual reservation, if you type the first few letters of a guest name or email, we now search your past reservations and suggest any matches to help save you time entering their info. This will expand soon into the Direct quote feature.

Issue: GVR stuck in pending

We resolved an issue with how our images sync with Google that was causing some hosts to see their properties stuck indefinitely in a pending status. Now that the issue is resolved, Google can correctly process the images over the next several days and the impacted properties should begin showing up on Google Travel soon. Sorry for the delay!