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Smart Lock Updates + Improvements

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Shared by Alyssa • December 14, 2023

In our latest round of enhancements, we're bringing you several exciting updates to our smart lock features:

New Integrations

IglooHome and Nuki Locks are now available for all users.

Backup Codes + Code Communication

To further enhance smart lock reliability, backup codes and code communications to guests are now the default setting for all beta users. This will soon be live for all users as well!

No More Code Communication Reminder Messages

After some great feedback, we removed the code communication reminder messages. We will now only communicate a code on your behalf if no code has been sent or if there was an issue with the code that was sent.

Improved Display of Connection Requirements
We now display when a lock isn't connected due to a subscription issue or if a required hub isn't connected.

New Notifications for Failures

Receive real-time notifications if a reservation is altered during a guest's stay and the code cannot be updated.

Code Length and Denial Issues Resolved

We've fixed issues related to the code length not setting correctly or being denied incorrectly.

We value your input! If you have ideas for additional smart lock features or other smart devices you'd like to see, help us tailor our offerings to your needs by answering a few quick questions.

Thank you for being part of our community, and stay tuned for more exciting updates!