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Direct improvements

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Shared by Andrew • November 10, 2023

💳 Ad hoc charges

The Send or receive money button can now be used to request any additional payment from guests on Direct Basic and Premium reservations. We send an email to the guest with a payment link and display an event in the Inbox when the payment is received. Note that these payments will have any applicable taxes deducted, and for Premium, the 6% guest service fee is deducted, while Basic customers will have the normal payment processing fees deducted by Stripe.

🐾 Pet fees

We now allow guests to enter their pet count, not including service animals, in the Direct booking widget. We collect any fee you set in your Property Pricing page (pulled from Airbnb, initially). Finally!!!

🔎 Property search

The private pilot of our new property search widget has been going really well. We plan to release the widget as an option for all Hospitable sites on Monday. Then we will do the work to provide the widget for our customers using non-Hospitable sites, which as an added bonus, will allow us to list non-Hospitable sites on Google Vacation Rentals.

🇵🇷 Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands

We launched Direct Premium USA earlier this year claiming that it included properties located in Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands, but we were missing a few steps. We've fixed that and now hosts there are able to add local payout methods for Premium.