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🔒 New Guest Smart Lock Code Communication

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Shared by Alyssa • November 08, 2023

We're committed to making your hosting experience smoother and more reliable. To achieve this, we're introducing an "always on" guest code communication message.

What to Expect

Enhanced Reliability: This message is tied to enabling backup codes, further reducing the chances of sending an incorrect code to your guest.

Streamlined Setups: The message is sent 10 minutes before a code becomes active, speeding up new smart lock setups.

Seamless Integration: This feature won't affect your current messaging setup, allowing you to continue using the %smartlock_code% short code in other messages.

Dynamic Messaging: Our message adapts to whether a code has been previously communicated to the guest, serving as a helpful reminder when needed.

Backup Codes - Ensuring Reliability:

For those who aren't aware, our backup codes feature is available to all users with beta features enabled. It guarantees a functional code is sent to your guest, even if the initial code setup fails.

Soon, this feature will be activated by default for all users, but consider enabling it early for added reliability!

Our success rate for users with backup codes enabled is an impressive 99.5%, with most failures due to an account needing to be reconnected.

Learn more about these features here.