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🎉 Google Vacation Rentals is Live!

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Shared by Andrew • October 06, 2023

There were several exciting Direct updates in this week's Town Hall, chief among them that we went live with our long awaited integration with Google Vacation Rentals (GVR). Google is a 100% free channel that sends leads to your Direct site.

Direct Basic and Premium hosts who are using Hospitable sites and domains are now able to add eligible properties to Google in Direct's Channels tab. Check out our help article for the full list of Google's requirements.

Custom domains

We hope to add support for custom domains by next Friday, October 13th. We delayed these until we passed the initial Google audit as they add complexity and we need to implement additional controls to prevent a drop in our platform quality score.


We intend to start syncing reviews from Airbnb listings to their corresponding GVR listing starting next week.

Upcoming improvements

We'll also be adding a status (live/pending/issues) for listings. As it can take up to two weeks for Google to process new properties, the status will be helpful to monitor your progress. We are also investigating if we are able to fetch the links for each Google listing so you don't have to find it yourself.

Following that we will be working on a solution for custom sites, syncing your Direct cancellation policy, and custom brands for GVR listings.