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Shared by Andrew • September 27, 2023

Ad hoc refunds

Both Premium and Basic hosts can now choose to return any portion of a booking to the guest, up to fourteen days after the reservation ends. Click the Send or request money button from the Inbox inner sidebar and enter an amount to refund. See details.

Ad hoc payment requests are coming next.

Legacy sites and widgets

We recently discontinued support for Hospitable sites that don't have an active Direct plan.

We also will be winding down support for our legacy widgets soon. We have updated the URLs on our new widgets so that we can customize widget color schemes and, in the future, track your conversion rates. Check out this article for instructions on how to update your widget.

Instant Book for Basic

We recently extended our Instant Book feature to Direct Basic reservations.

We also added an optional "last-minute" condition that all Direct customers can use to disable Instant Book if the booking is within X days of check-in.

Payout History page

We completely remade the Payout History page, which now displays your current balance, and for Premium users, your payouts in the last 30 days and upcoming 30 days. Each reservation can be expanded to reveal any alterations, refunds, and adjustments. We now display the property name and other reservation data, and you can click on the reservation ID to open the conversation in the Inbox.

Property < Direct tab

There's now a super helpful Direct section on each property page. After selecting a property, click on Direct in the inner sidebar to get quick access to the property's site and widget links, the cancellation policy, the payout method, active promo codes, and, for Premium customers, the current tax rates.

Fees pulled from Airbnb

We fixed an issue with how we were pulling percentage-based fees from Airbnb for management, community and resort fees. Specifically, if you had a percentage fee set, we were saving it in Hospitable as a fixed fee (eg. $3 instead of 3%). This would only have impacted your Direct price calculation.